Admission Requirements—Domestic Applicants

The university graduate and program admission requirements below must be met before an application is considered complete.

Students must first apply and be admitted to graduate status at the university before being considered for admission to the School of Nursing graduate programs, including ELM and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN).

  • Graduate application for admission
  • $45 nonrefundable application fee
  • Official transcripts from all institutions leading to and awarding the applicant’s bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and all postbaccalaureate study

    An official transcript is one that Azusa Pacific University receives unopened in an envelope sealed by the former institution and that bears the official seal of the college or university. A cumulative minimum 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) grade-point average on the posted degree is required for regular admission status. Provisional admittance may be granted to individuals with a lower GPA if competency can be shown through multiple measures.

  • Transcripts should show completion of prerequisite courses (in expected semester units):

    • Sciences: human anatomy and lab (4 units), human physiology and lab (4 units), biochemistry (1 unit), organic chemistry and lab (3 units), general microbiology and lab (4 units) (Biochemistry and organic chemistry may be combined in one 4-unit class.)
    • Nonsciences: communication skills—verbal (3 units) and written (3 units), general psychology (3 units), human growth and development (lifespan) (3 units), statistics (3 units), and a research methods course in any behavioral science field (3 units)
    • Successfully complete prerequisite requirements including General Microbiology with lab (4 units); Human Anatomy with lab (4 units); Human Physiology with lab (4 units); and General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry for the Health Sciences (4 units) with no lower than an overall 3.0 (B) grade-point average.
    • If you have questions regarding specific prerequisite courses, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Any applicant submitting international (non-U.S.) transcripts must submit both an official, comprehensive transcript evaluation report from one of APU’s approved agencies (list is available from Graduate and Professional Admissions) and a copy of the international transcripts themselves (translated into English, if necessary).

  • Two recommendations, from professional or academic (work or school) sources, submitted through the online application
  • A personal statement no longer than 2-3 pages (double-spaced). This statement should include attention to each of the following:
    • Why you are applying to the Azusa Pacific University ELM program.
    • Your motivations for pursuing nursing at this time in your life, including relevant background experiences and why you are choosing nursing over other healthcare professions.
    • Any professional or volunteer experiences you have related to nursing.
    • Brief background information which would help someone get to know you as a unique person.
    • Brief discussion of professional goals.
  • Résumé or statement of experience
  • For applicants who are U.S. permanent residents, submit a photocopy of your green card. If you have applied for a green card but have not yet received it, you will need to apply through APU’s International Center. Please see “Admission Requirements—International Applicants” below.

Send official transcripts to:

Graduate and Professional Center
Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
Azusa Pacific University
PO Box 7000
Azusa, CA 91702-7000

Application Deadlines

Note that all deadlines refer to the date Graduate and Professional Admissions receives your complete application package. This is not a postmark deadline.


  • Spring Semester: September 15
  • Summer Semester: January 15
  • Fall Semester: May 15

Admitted students will be required to submit a $500 nonrefundable admissions deposit within a week to hold their spot in the cohort.

Admission Requirements—International Applicants

Azusa Pacific University is authorized under federal law by the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services and the U.S. Department of State to enroll nonimmigrant, alien undergraduate and graduate students. APU issues and administers both the I-20 and DS 2019 (F-1 and J-1 status documents respectively).

To apply for a graduate program at APU, the following requirements must be fulfilled in addition to meeting the domestic applicant and program-specific admission requirements specified above.

International applicants must also:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in English through a placement test with the Academic Success Center, or through a TOEFL/IELTS score that meets program-specific requirements. Refer to APU’s English proficiency requirements to learn more. Request that official test scores be sent to APU. All other forms of proof indicated in the English proficiency requirements must be submitted directly to International Services.
  • Provide a Graduate Affidavit of Financial Support (PDF) and a bank statement from within the last six months proving financial ability to pay for education costs through personal, family, or sponsor resources.
  • Submit a copy of a valid passport showing biographical data, including your name, country of citizenship, date of birth, and other legal information.
  • Get foreign transcripts evaluated. International credentials (transcripts, certificates, diplomas, and degrees) must be evaluated by a foreign transcript evaluation agency. View our policy and a list of approved Foreign Transcript Evaluation Agencies.

Send official transcripts to:

Graduate and Professional Center
Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
Azusa Pacific University
PO Box 7000
Azusa, CA 91702-7000

What to Expect

After all admission materials have been received by the Graduate and Professional Center, the faculty or department chair reviews the applicant’s file. The applicant is notified in writing of the admission decision.

Additional Requirements

At the beginning of clinical coursework, including health assessment labs, the student is required to provide documentation concerning CPR certification, malpractice insurance, TB screening, and immunizations appropriate to the clinical setting.

The student’s health status must permit him/her to safely undertake and complete clinical experience required for the entry level nursing degree.

As a fully prepared health professional, the student is expected to take responsibility for self-evaluation of her/his own health status, including an assessment of the safety and appropriateness of practice in the clinical context, both for the student and the patient. An individual faculty member may require documentation of the student’s health status.

In light of recent statements from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and contracted facilities, the School of Nursing now requires that all undergraduate and graduate students undergo a background check prior to their involvement at clinical sites. The cost of the background check is the responsibility of the student.

Note: International students are required to pay the additional fee based upon the actual costs of background checks for their country.

All students are expected to read, understand, and adhere to the policies and requirements articulated in the Second Degree and MSN Handbook.

Note: This information is current for the 2023-24 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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