Housing for Incoming Freshmen and Transfers

Because the residential experience so strongly supports the mission of APU, all traditional undergraduates are required to live in campus housing for their freshmen and sophomore years. We strongly encourage juniors and seniors to apply and be a part of the residential experience.

While Residence Life is the sole determiner of final housing assignments, specific living area and mutual roommate requests are met whenever possible. Specific requests are much less likely to be possible once living areas begin to fill.

Housing Options

Incoming students have the following housing options:

Request for Campus Housing Assignment

For incoming students who must/wish to live in campus housing, you will need to complete and submit the Request for Campus Housing Assignment Form in order to be matched with a specific roommate or roommates and to receive your housing assignment in a timely manner. Access to this online form is provided by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a part of the admissions process.

Request for Campus Housing Exemption

If you are an incoming freshman, transfer freshman, or sophomore, and you live with your parent(s) locally, are over 21, are married, have part-time status, or have other special circumstances that present an obstacle to campus residency, you must submit a Request for Campus Housing Exemption Form in order to be considered for exemption from the housing requirement. You may obtain this form from your admissions representative in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.



In order to build a sense of community and acclimate to campus life at APU, the majority of our incoming students reside in our residence halls. Freshmen and sophomores are required to live on. In some cases, it is possible for juniors and seniors to be assigned to a campus apartment, however, the majority will reside in our residence halls. To learn more about our campus housing areas, including floor plans, amenities, and costs, please click on the links below, While students may request specific living areas, preferences are not guaranteed.

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