How Do I Set Up Utilities?

Beginning in 2022-23, students will no longer have to set up, shut off, and coordinate utilities payments with their roommates. Utilities costs are now rolled into the posted housing rates.

As a resident in a campus apartment, you and your roommate(s) are responsible for hooking up and paying for your own utilities. This includes electricity, gas, telephone, and cable (if applicable) service. The university is not responsible for uncollected utilities charges. This arrangement is between you and your roommates only.

It is important that you contact your roommate(s) and decide who is going to be responsible to set up which utilities and receive the bills in their name. Also, you need to agree on how the utility bills will be paid. If any of you are going to be an “early arrival” to campus, make sure that you allow enough time to have the utilities turned on before you need to move in.

When you contact the utility companies, they will ask you for a “service address” and a “billing address.”

  • The service address for the Shire Mods: 18757 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702, along with your mod number. Tell them the apartment number both ways, either A7 or 7A.
  • The service address for Bowles: 1150, 1160, or 1170 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702, depending on what court you are assigned to, along with your apartment number (Bowles 502 would be 1150, apartment #2.)
  • The service address for University Park: 1000 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702, along with the apartment number. Make sure you designate either A court or B court by saying apartment 119A or 201B.
  • The service address for University Village: 801 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702, along with the apartment number.

Before you attempt to set up electric or gas service, make sure you set up your student mail box if you have yet to do so. You will need this to add as your billing address when you set up utility services. You can set up a student mailbox online using APU Mail Services’ Student Mail Box Form.


To set up, cancel, or transfer electricity service, visit Azusa Light & Water’s website. You will need to set up your service by the date(s) in the information letter below, which is generally one month prior to your requested start date if you are establishing new service. If you neglect to set up service by the designated time, there is a good chance that your service will not be turned on by the time you arrive. Azusa Light & Water is closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Azusa Light & Water will need to verify your identification and check your credit in order to establish new service. You will need to authorize them to do so when you request service. If you do not pass the credit check, Azusa Light & Water will bill you a prepayment of $135, which will appear on your first statement.

If you are leaving mid-term, consider your roommates before you cancel service.

Trash and Sewage

It is important to note that while students do not need to set up trash and sewage service, every apartment dweller in Azusa is automatically billed a flat rate for trash and sewage. Azusa Light & Water serves as the billing agency for these services.


Students do not need to set up water service. While APU pays for water service, please note that a $45 account processing charge for your Azusa Light & Water account will show up on your first bill under the water category.


To turn on the gas, call Southern California Gas Company at (800) 427-2200. Even if they tell you that the gas is “on,” you need to set up the account in your name (or roommate’s name) to avoid disconnection. If asked if there are any locked gates, say yes. Let them know that APU has coordinated access to gates with their service technicians, however, if there are issues with gate access upon arrival, you (the resident) will let them in.


APU manages and maintains Wi-Fi internet service for all of the living areas, with the exception of University Village. Students with questions regarding APU’s Wi-Fi should connect with the IMT support desk at (626) 815-5050 or Or for more information, students can reference the IMT Service Catalog.

University Village offers service through Frontier Communications, with the basic service paid for by APU (starting April 15, 2021). Students in University Village should call (844) 660-0648 to sign up and schedule a time to have a Frontier technician install the service. Students should schedule the installation for when they have physically returned to campus. At the end of a student’s stay in campus housing, they should simply call Frontier to remove their name from service and arrange for the equipment to be picked up. Students are responsible for missing equipment.

Telephone Service

To set up land-line telephone service, contact Verizon Fios. Note that the university cannot be held responsible for any wiring problems.


To request cable service, contact Charter Communications or Frontier Communications. If the unit is not wired for service, you may ask if it is possible to set it up at your cost. Units will not be rewired by the university.

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