Leaving Campus Housing Mid-Term

Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Any undergraduate or graduate residential students who plan to leave the university through withdrawal or leave of absence must contact the registrar's office in the Student Services Center (SSC). Once the SSC approves the request, it will contact the Office of Residence Life and other appropriate offices. Students must then check out and return their key within 72 hours of notification, per housing policies.

Dismissal or Suspension

Students who leave the university through academic dismissal or suspension will have their housing assignment revoked and must check out and return their key within 72 hours of notification from Residence Life, per housing policies.

Petitioning to Have Your Assignment Terminated

The petition process is designed for students in the midst of hardship. If family or financial issues are leading to your desire to terminate your assignment, complete the Petition for Campus Housing Termination. The petition process evaluates new life events which have caused a student and/or their family to suffer hardship. Petitions are reviewed by a university committee outside of Residence Life. If you are looking for a less expensive option to cut costs, have found a more desirable option off campus, or have roommate conflict, this process is not for you. APU holds students to their commitment, as laid out in the Commitment. Students must check out and return their key within 72 hours of approval. If a petition is approved for the upcoming spring semester, students must checkout by the fall semester checkout deadline.

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