General Housing Provisions

The Office of Residence Life gives leadership to the professional management of all university-owned residential housing on or adjacent to the Azusa campus (collectively, “Campus Living Areas”), providing logistical support, helping students secure their housing assignments, issuing keys and furniture, and maintaining housing records. Residence Life manages community life in these living areas, including everything from visitation and guests to roommate conflicts and room changes, room decorations, and pool rules.

Undergraduate students assigned to or applying for student housing in Campus Living Areas are subject to and should be familiar with the policies and procedures outlined below. All APU students, whether or not they live in Campus Living Areas, are required to abide by all APU Community Expectations, and are subject to the requirements of the Undergraduate Student Handbook and/or the Graduate and Professional Student Community Expectations, as applicable.


APU provides student housing in Campus Living Areas to undergraduate students who are enrolled in at least 7 units on the Azusa campus. APU is unable to house nonstudents in such campus housing, and this includes students who discontinue their enrollment in the middle of a term. Students who discontinue enrollment must vacate campus housing within 72 hours of notification from the university; those who fail to do so will have their locks changed at their expense and may be cited for trespassing. APU does not provide student housing for married students or students in professional programs, online programs, or nonundergraduate international programs. APU has a limited student housing program for graduate students who are enrolled in at least one graduate-level course per semester. While it is the desire of the university to provide student housing for every student who is eligible for it, APU prioritizes undergraduate housing under our Residency Requirement (below) and cannot guarantee housing for all eligible students.

Residency Requirement

Campus residency is mandatory for full-time freshman and sophomore undergraduate students. Due to this Residency Requirement, housing is guaranteed for freshman and sophomore undergraduates. All freshman and sophomore undergraduate students must submit either a Request for Campus Housing Assignment form or a Request for Campus Housing Exemption form. Exemptions are granted for students who will live with their parents, for married students, for students 21 years of age or older, and for students who have other special circumstances that present an obstacle to campus residency. Freshmen and sophomores who want an exemption from campus housing because of a situation warranting special consideration to live off campus must obtain approval by submitting a Request for Campus Housing Exemption form. The Residency Requirement does not apply to undergraduate juniors and seniors or graduate students.


Students who submit a Request for Campus Housing Assignment, and who receive an assignment, commit to living on campus for the entire academic year when they check in and receive their room key. Undergraduate students who request a summer assignment make no commitment but are charged a weekly rate based on their summer request.

Time Frame

Campus housing assignments are for the combined fall and spring semesters of the academic year. The only exceptions are for students who enter campus housing midsemester or at the start of the spring semester. Although we encourage all students to return home for breaks, APU appreciates that some students may need to remain in the area for various reasons. Therefore, all APU living areas remain open during university breaks. Students who wish to stay for winter break are required to register in order to remain on campus. All university policies remain in effect during breaks (e.g., visitation hours). In addition, campus services are limited during breaks—for example, campus dining venues may be limited or closed during winter break. A summer housing program is available for undergraduate students who need to remain on campus for all or part of the summer. Summer housing information is made available during the spring semester, including specific information on the application and assignment process, unit availability, and dates for check-in and check-out. Graduate students are offered housing during the summer in the graduate student housing area based on availability.

Our Approach to Campus Housing

We require all traditional undergraduate students to live in Campus Living Areas for their freshman and sophomore years because the residential experience so strongly supports the mission of APU. Studies have shown that students who live in campus housing perform better academically, are more likely to graduate, and are generally more satisfied with their college experience than those who live off campus or commute.

Living in community with peers within APU’s Campus Living Areas, having quick access to campus resources, and enjoying the opportunity to further develop personally and academically are just a few of the reasons why living in campus housing is fundamental for success as a freshman or sophomore at APU. Residence Life manages Campus Living Areas specifically to provide students with a community aligned with the mission and purpose of APU, and includes residence halls and apartments owned by APU. Consistent with APU’s Community Standards, and anchored in our religious commitments as set out in the What We Believe pamphlet, students assigned by APU to Campus Living Areas have always been separated on the basis of gender (biological sex at birth). The Living Areas pages detail how this is managed on a location-by-location basis.

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