Private Education Loans

A private educational loan, also known as an alternative loan, is a loan issued by a lender such as a bank or credit union. These loans are primarily used to supplement federal programs when federal aid and scholarships do not meet the cost of attendance. Private loans often have variable interest rates, require a credit check and a co-signer, and do not provide many of the benefits of federal student loans.

Note: Federal Direct Loans generally have more favorable terms and conditions (PDF) than private loans. We recommend that you utilize all federal aid eligibility before turning to private loans.

How to Apply for a Private Educational Loan

APU will process a private loan from any lending institution, however, we have compiled a list of lenders used by APU students in the past three years to assist in your decision. To apply for a private loan, select a lender from the list and apply, or feel free to choose another lender who provides education loans and apply via their website.

A Self-Certification Form (PDF) may be required by your lender before the loan can be processed. This form requires information on your cost of attendance and estimated financial assistance. If you need help completing this form, contact your Student Account Specialist.

Please note that Azusa Pacific University does not recommend a specific lender or lenders; this list is offered as a way for students to compare their private lending options. Employees responsible for processing loans adhere to a strict student loan Code of Conduct.

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