Friends Courses

Friends Center students incorporate two Friends courses into their degree programs. The following two courses are taught by Friends professors and offered on campus and online. Opportunities also exist for non-degree-seeking students to take these courses. Contact the Friends Center director for registration information.

GTHE 553 Evangelical Friends History: Birth, Growth, and Organization

This course provides a survey of the Friends (Quaker) Church from its origins in the 17th century to the present. Special attention is paid to the initial growth, spread, and organization of Friends. Students examine Quaker distinctives in thought and practice, the role of evangelicalism, reform efforts, and the ongoing challenges of cultural relativism and relevancy. The contextualization of Friends in the broader stream of the Church is also evaluated. Students learn about our Quaker past and gain insights to apply to life and ministry today.

GTHE 554 Friends Theology, Worship, and Leadership

This course provides an introduction to Evangelical Friends (Quaker) theology and its relevance today. Students gain an understanding of the development of Evangelical Friends theology and the unique message Friends offer to the world and Church. Friends’ convictions toward Christian living are evaluated, with special attention given to Friends perspectives on worship and leadership. Professors challenge students to think and act out of deep theological reflection.

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