APU Forensics Team

Experience Communication in a Dynamic Way with APU Forensics

  • Engage in parliamentary debate, public address events, oral interpretation, and limited preparation events
  • Participate in the Lincoln-Douglas Debate.
  • Take part in eight to ten tournaments each semester on the local, state, and national levels.
  • Travel to international tournaments.
  • Be a part of a National Christian Colleges Forensics Tournament championship team.

You are a great fit for the forensics team if you want to:

  • Develop better critical-thinking skills and substantially improve public speaking abilities.
  • Build lasting friendships and self-confidence in and out of the classroom.
  • Glorify God in a unique way by sharing ideas from a Christian perspective.
  • Serve by hosting speech and debate tournaments in the community.
  • Achieve excellence in high levels of competition.

Forensics is an amazing opportunity to strengthen your communication skills and learn how to advocate for the wellbeing of oppressed groups of people more effectively. (It’s also fun to win a championship title.) Still, even this doesn’t come close to the excitement of making friends that become like family in the learning process.

Ashley Jones ‘20

APU Forensics Team's Year at a Glance

Below is a glimpse of what a year of events and tournaments might look like with the APU Forensics Team. Each year is different, and is affected by multiple factors including a team member’s strengths, availability, and wellness, as well as travel logistics to a particular location.


  • September, Colorado College (Colorado)
  • October, San Diego State University (California)
  • October, Whitworth College (Washington)
  • November, Grossmont College (California)
  • December, PSCFA Fall Champs (California)


  • January, Orange Coast College (California)
  • January, Webster University (Missouri)
  • February, American Enterprise Institute Tournament (Washington DC)
  • February, Point Loma University (California)
  • February, PSCFA Spring Champs (California)
  • March, Christian Nationals (location varies by year)
  • March, Pi Kappa Delta National Championships (location varies by year)

To get involved, contact Fernanda DeLao, lead coach, at fdelao@apu.edu or (626) 815-6000, Ext. 3593. No prior experience is necessary.

Forensics allows you to elevate not only your communication, but your critical thinking skills. It allows you to make long lasting friends and connections. I wouldn’t have changed my time in forensics for anything.

Jason Stevens ‘20
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