Discipleship Mentoring

What is discipleship mentoring?

Discipleship mentoring is an opportunity for students to engage in dialogue about faith and life and to experience consistent encouragement and support from another Christian as they grow together in relationship with Christ.

How does the discipleship mentoring program at APU work?

Based on experiences and interests, students will be matched with a mentor. Mentors are faculty, staff, spouses of APU employees, seminary students, peers, and members of local churches who have been through an extensive application and equipping process, and have demonstrated deep faith, wisdom, and love for college students. Mentors and students meet together regularly over the course of the semester or academic school year for prayer, Bible study, other readings, significant conversations, and fellowship.

For more information, email mentoring@apu.edu or call (626) 815-3855.

If you are a student interested in participating in discipleship mentoring, please review the Information for Students.

If you are interested in becoming a discipleship mentor, please review the Information for Mentors.

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