By providing athletic facilities, the university supplies positive environments for recreation. Students, faculty, and staff congregate in these areas to fellowship and exercise. Check out the following for a description of each facility.

To read the guidelines for use of the recreation facilities, refer to the Student Union Rules and Guidelines.

Cougar Dome Court

Located inside the Student Union building, this facility is designed for basketball and volleyball games. Cougar Dome

Felix Event Center Courts

These facilities, located on both levels of the building, are also home to APU’s basketball and volleyball teams. Richard and Vivian Felix Event Center

Dillon Recreation Complex

The Dillon Recreation Complex is where many flag football and soccer games are played. This field is adjacent to Adams Hall. Dillon Recreation Complex

Citrus College Stadium

The Citrus College football field is located just east of the APU campus. Some flag football and soccer games will be played here. View Citrus College map (PDF).

Citrus College Softball Field (west)

Located northeast of the APU campus. View Citrus College map (PDF).

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