Student Success

93% of our domestic students have received accounting professional job offers prior to graduation. Below are some of those students, the firm and location where they work, and some reflections on their time at APU.

  • Rebecca Andrews ’15

    BDO, San Francisco

    “The Leung School of Accounting scholarship has provided me with opportunities to receive an exceptional education and experience in accounting.”

  • Tristan Avila ’17


  • Jamee Bollinger ’16

    Grimbleby Coleman

    “In 2015, I got an internship at Karga Seven, where I help the production accountants keep track of, and allocate costs to, the different television shows and documentaries they produce. This internship made a fantastic addition to my résumé and introduced me to the production accountant job that I have dreamed about since high school.”

  • Mariah Brake ’16

    PwC, San Jose

  • Melanie Cannon ’12


  • Dieudonne Deigh ’16, MAcc ’17


  • Phillip Delgado ’15

    BDO, Orange County

  • Katelyn Drury ’15

    MGO, Orange County

    “I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as one of the recipients for the Leung School of Accounting scholarship. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals and ease some of their financial stress.”

  • Ian Hessler ’15

    PwC, Orange County

    “My professors not only prepared me for the working world from an academic standpoint, but also provided spiritual guidance that I feel is more important to me than any experience I would have had at another school.”

  • Susanna Hoffman ’13


  • Kelsey Huffman ’16

    EY, Orange County

  • Victoria Katje-Parker ’14, current MAcc student

    VLS, Glendora

    “My goal for my professional career is to become a certified public accountant that is set apart from other CPAs out there. That is why I chose to attend Azusa Pacific University.”

  • Michael Killion ’15

    MGO, Orange County

  • Rachelle Little ’15


  • Hannah Markley ’15

    KSJG, Orange County

    “I can hardly express what an impact my professors have had on me. They have done so much to help me succeed, realize what is truly important, and encourage me to aspire to high professional goals.”

  • Garrett McGowan

    Deloitte, Los Angeles

    “As a Leung School of Accounting scholarship recipient, there is no investment I can think of that would be greater than the improved education of aspiring professionals.”

  • Ashley Merz ’16


  • Kyle Nicholson ’13

    White Nelson Diehl Evans

  • Madeleine Ogard ’17


  • Julia Prellberg ’15


    “I am continually amazed about how much the professors care about what they are teaching, especially the accounting professors. As a student, it made me much more interested in what I was learning when the professor was excited to teach.”

  • Curtis Ray ’14


  • Benjamin Sanderson ’15

    PwC, San Jose

  • Andrew Santiago ’15

    BDO, Orange County

  • Michelle Sinclair ’15

    MGO, San Francisco

    “I have gained not only the crucial technical skills necessary to succeed in my career, but also the opportunity to witness and join a community of people trying to put God first.”

  • Jonathan Smeragliuolo ’13


  • David Suzuki ’10

    Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda

  • Shabnam Talab ’14

    MGO, Los Angeles

  • Jesus Vieyra ’16, MAcc ’17

    HCVT, Los Angeles

  • Matthew Wiebe ’15

    KSJG, Orange County

    “APU has provided me with some of the best friends I could have asked for as well as professors who have impacted me greatly.”

Note: This information is current for the 2023-24 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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