Tuition and Aid

Delivering high-quality graduate programs takes a comprehensive support system. Your investment in an advanced degree includes those services and personnel that partner with you in pursuit of higher education. Below is a detailed breakdown of the fees associated with the benefits and services included in your degree program.

Tuition and Fees
EdD in Higher Education Leadership, 2022 cohort (per unit)$1,140
PhD in Higher Education, 2022 cohort (per unit)$1,230

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Note: All stated financial information is subject to change. Please consult with the Office of Graduate Student Financial Services, located in the Graduate and Professional Center, at (626) 815-4570 for the most current and controlling information.

Guaranteed Tuition Plan

Doctoral education is expensive nationwide, and annual tuition increases make it difficult to plan financially. The Guaranteed Tuition Plan addresses this issue by guaranteeing that your tuition rate will not increase as long as you follow the prescribed sequence of courses each year with your cohort. The plan provides a great incentive to finish the program on time.

How the plan works

Those students who complete the required number of units expected annually of their cohort pay the same tuition rate each year they are enrolled in the program. Their tuition rate is frozen at the guaranteed rate as long as they complete the required number of units annually.

Additional Costs

  • Students travel internationally the second year. All in-country costs of this trip are included in the program tuition, but students are responsible for their international airfare.
  • Housing, transportation, and meal costs during the June intensives for the first and third years. The June intensive during the second year is the international travel.

Financial Aid

Several types of financial aid are available to graduate students. The resources range from federal loans and state grants to, for some graduate programs, fellowships and scholarships. For details about financial aid available for your program, please contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Student Financial Services at (626) 815-4570.

Military Benefits

Military members—and in some cases their spouses and dependents—qualify for financial assistance covering tuition, housing, and books. Azusa Pacific is a Yellow Ribbon University and Military Friendly School, so you can be confident that you’ll receive the benefits and flexibility you need to complete your education.

CCCU Employees Tuition Discount

In support of institutions affiliated with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), APU offers a 10 percent tuition discount for the EdD in Higher Education Leadership or the PhD in Higher Education program to any full-time faculty member or administrator of any CCCU-affiliated institution. The amount of institutional aid is subject to coordination with federal, state, and institutional regulations, which may result in a reduction of this benefit. For more information, contact the department at

Plus One Discount

If two or more students from the same institution enroll in the same higher education cohort in the same year, each one is eligible to receive a 10% tuition discount. For more information, contact the department at

Note: This information is current for the 2023-24 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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