Misha Edwards ‘24, Cinematic Arts

Why did you choose to study your particular major?

I chose this particular major because I love everything about making films. However, I also realized how corrupt the film industry can be and I wanted to learn everything I could to help, which is why I decided to minor in psychology, not only to develop stories better but to also provide therapy for on-set crew!

Share a time when you felt alive in your field of study!

I didn’t feel alive in my study until the fall 2022 semester. Before the fall semester, I was in this part of my life where I wanted to just direct or possibly be a cinematographer for projects. I was asked going into my fall semester to produce a 462 film and a capstone project in the same semester and I said yes without knowing anything about producing projects. It took a lot out of me to properly learn at least the bare minimum about producing. I am not someone who normally steps outside of my comfort zone but I did and started working on multiple projects to push myself to be what I wanted to be.

What current projects are you working on, and what tools are you utilizing to accomplish them?

As of right now, I have different opportunities outside of APU to produce projects. I utilized the advice of networking with EVERYONE to get to where I am and where I am headed. That most definitely includes students at APU, students outside, faculty, and friends all around. I recently did a Puma spec commercial with Jayden O'Neal ‘24 and produced a short film, “The Man In The Mirror,” that won an award in a film competition.

Where is your favorite spot on APU's campus? Why?

My favorite spot on campus is the cinema office. I see most of my friends and professors in that area and it’s always so vibrant and full of life.

What are the things you want to see God do in you and at APU this year?

God had already started working in me for this reason but I know I would love to work on my trust in him. I don’t want to have a closed mindset and I know that most of my prayers always lead to my trust in his plan. Going forward I want to remember that if God has brought me to it, he will get me through it.

What was the last kind thing you said to yourself? To another? What was the last kind thing someone said to you?

The last kind thing I said to myself was that I was doing great. I usually don’t give myself the benefit of the doubt because I want to stay humble but that has resulted in me never saying anything good about myself. The last kind thing someone has said to me was to stop downplaying my success, what I do is amazing and I needed to express that.

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