Student Spotlight: Hannah Biggins ‘23, Cinematic Arts

Describe a time where you felt you had found your calling in your field of study.

Jumping into filmmaking was a little nerve-racking for me. I wasn't sure if I could qualify as a filmmaker or if I'd even like it. My freshman year film classes told me otherwise. Not only did I learn a lot in my studies, I got excited to continue filming. I’d never had that before, and everyone else around me was excited about the same things I was! It was comforting to know I was a part of a community of people who shared the same passions as me, working together to create something we loved.

Why did you choose to study your particular major?

I've always enjoyed doing things that allowed me creative freedom, whether it be making videos, writing stories, or making music. As I got older, I realized filmmaking combined all of those things, and I knew it'd be a good fit for me.

Describe your APU experience thus far and how it has helped shape you into the person you are today.

I'd been planning on attending APU for years, as a lot of my family are APU alumni. So far, it's been a dream and probably the best thing I've ever done. Finally getting to study what I love and want to do has given me a new sense of purpose and excitement for life. If there's anything I've learned, it's to take every chance you get to be active and interact with those around you, because it will open you up to new experiences and memories you'll remember for a lifetime!

If you could give a word of advice to future and current students, what would it be?

Take every opportunity to immerse yourself into college life! The pandemic sent me home for a much longer time than intended, leaving me regretting all of the things I said no to or pushed off while I was on campus. To an incoming freshman, I'd say do everything you can to make the most of your college experiences, because they fly by. Jump onto a capstone set, stay up late working on projects, and go for late night adventures! The memories you make will last forever!

Hannah Biggins is an APU legacy student and has been recently nominated for the National Society of Leadership & Success.

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