Faculty Spotlight: Professor Jim Hope, Cinema

Professor Jim Hope is an three-time Emmy-nominated producer and writer with extensive experience in the film industry. He is best known for his work on the television shows, George Lopez , Dog with a Blog and Titus! This semester, Professor Hope joined the APU Cinema faculty and he is already making a significant impact on his students.

Describe a time where you felt you had found your calling in your field of study.

When I first stepped onto a stage to do standup, when I first sat in a sitcom writers' room to pitch jokes, and when I first stood in front of a classroom to teach the art and craft of writing for the screen, I knew I was where the Lord had called me to be at the time that I was placed there.

What do you love about working at APU?

My favorite thing about APU is the students. They are bright, collaborative, compassionate, and eager to learn. I very much enjoy discussing our faith and the tremendous opportunities we have as storytellers to connect with people around the world and across time.

What have you learned about yourself or your world view from teaching college students?

That humility is the greatest tool any instructor can possess and model. We can't learn anything unless we accept that we don't know everything - and that is true of both students and their teachers. Proverbs 22:4 is one of my favorite verses: "Humility is the fear of the Lord. Its wages are riches and honor and life." Sounds like a pretty fantastic deal to me.

Please describe a favorite memory from your time at APU.

During my first semester, I was teaching Writing 3: Screenwriting and about a month into the course, one my students blurted in the middle of a class session that she watched “George Lopez,” which was a TV show that I was a writer/producer on for five years. Soon thereafter, a number of other students chimed in, describing their love of that show and several others I'd worked on - including “Planet Sheen” and “Dog with a Blog.” As a writer/producer, you don't usually get direct feedback from your audience, so it was fun discussing their genuine affection for the things that I'd worked on.

What projects, if any, are you currently working on? Please tell us a little about it.

I've written or co-written and am executive producing several shows that are currently in development at various studios, including "The Henry Cho Show" with Triple Horse Studios, a children's comedy game show at Green Power Studios, and an adult live action/animated series with Rough Draft Studios and the Komack Company.

What’s your advice to someone pursuing a career in the field you teach?

Find your specific gift and lean into it, while working to improve that aspect of your craft at which you are not as naturally adept. No one can be excellent at everything. Everyone can be excellent at something. Effort is the great equalizer.

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