Frequently Asked Questions

Who is part of the APU CARES team?

APU CARES is a multidisciplinary team, with members representing offices within Student Affairs as well as the Academic Success Center. This allows for care coordination efforts to include a wide range of resources and support for each student our team works with.

What happens after an APU CARES referral is submitted?

After a referral is submitted, a member of the APU CARES team is assigned to coordinate support efforts for the referred student. Support efforts most often include personally reaching out to the student or requesting that a specific office contacts the student. Depending on the indicated needs of the student, multiple individuals may be asked to reach out. All outreach attempts are made with the goal of connecting the referred student with the resources or support they may need to cope with personal and/or academic challenges.

How long does it take for the APU CARES team to connect with a student?

A member of the APU CARES team can typically be expected to reach out to a student within 1 to 2 business days of an APU CARES form submission. Multiple attempts are made to reach the student (at times, by multiple offices). How long it takes to actually make contact with the student depends largely on when the student responds to these outreach attempts.

How are academic referrals handled?

If a student is referred to APU CARES specifically for academic reasons, the Academic Success Center will reach out to the student within 1 to 2 business days of receiving a referral. Additionally, the referred student will receive an email with directions on how to connect back to the Academic Success Center.

What happens if a student is unresponsive to outreach attempts or indicates that they aren’t interested in support?

Although we will do what we can to reach a student and connect them with the appropriate resources, a student reserves the right to refuse support. In most cases, we cannot force a student to accept our help. Unless the student is in immediate danger, or poses a major threat to themselves or the community, we must respect a student’s decision not to engage with our support system.

If I submit a referral, will I be notified when the APU CARES team attempts to reach a student?

Staff and faculty who submit an academic referral will receive an email from the Academic Success Center (ASC) informing them that a member of the ASC team is following up with the student they referred. For all other referrals, we do not currently have the capacity to provide contact status updates to everyone who submits a referral, but you can trust that we are doing what we can to reach a student and provide them with the support they need.

What if I would like to provide additional information about a student I previously submitted a referral for?

If you would like to provide updated information regarding a student of concern, you are welcome to submit another CARES referral form, or you can email or

Will a student’s faculty or family be notified of this referral or its contents?

In line with FERPA regulations, only those on the APU CARES team supporting a student’s care efforts are notified of this referral, but after they connect with the student, the student may personally request that we notify their faculty (or other campus departments) of their situation.

Will there be academic or other repercussions for students who receive support through APU CARES?

A student is not penalized for needing or receiving support. This includes students who have historically stigmatized conditions or identities. (If a student feels that they have been penalized or discriminated against due to a condition or an individual/group identity, we encourage them to see APU’s Antidiscrimination Policy and Bias Incident Reporting webpages.) In cases where we find that a student’s behavior is harmful to the community, an accountability process may result. Even in these rare situations, however, we will work with the student to make sure they receive the support they need.

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