Foreign Language Placement and Proficiency Assessments

At APU, we believe that proficiency in a second language greatly enhances the ability to engage in the global community around us. Whether used domestically or overseas, knowledge of a second language is an important key to encouraging intercultural competence, personal growth, and spiritual development. Language is a window to culture, and it serves as a vehicle to open eyes, hearts, and minds to see more of the beauty and uniqueness of Christ in people who represent a rich variety of cultural heritages and backgrounds. Because of the firm belief that learning a second (or third or fourth!) language offers invaluable personal and vocational benefits that last a lifetime, APU requires all students to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language as part of the General Education requirements.

APU uses WebCAPE to help students determine if they should enroll in APU foreign language coursework or if they may be a better candidate for taking a foreign language proficiency assessment instead. Read more about WebCAPE to learn about foreign language course placement options; read more about OPIc, CLEP, and FLATS to learn about fulfilling the GE foreign language requirement through demonstrating proficiency.

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