Living-Learning Communities

Living-learning communities are designed for incoming students who are looking to be part of a community-oriented environment. The purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the university, get involved, make friends, be supported, and succeed academically.

Learning communities (LC) are for incoming commuter students, who are placed in at least two courses together. Living-learning communities (LLC) allow for a similar academic experience, and participating students are also placed in the same residence hall.

In fall 2018, First-Year Seminar collaborated with the offices of Housing Services and Residence Life (which have since merged into one office, the new Office of Residence Life) to pilot two psychology living-learning communities, which included two cohorts enrolled in the following paired courses: GE 100 First-Year Seminar and PSYC 290 Human Growth and Development, each of the courses comprising less than 20 students. In spring 2019, these two cohorts combined to take PSYC 292 Introduction to Brain and Behavior as a larger community.

In fall 2019, we will have two LLCs (for GEN1 and psychology students) and one LC (for psychology students). The GEN1 LLC will consist of paired courses: GE 100 (taught by Cassandra Gonzalez, our GEN1 Scholars coordinator) and WRIT 110 Writing 1: The Art and Craft of Writing (taught by first-generation faculty). Learn more about the GEN1 community and the psychology communities.

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