Choosing a Major

Not sure what you want to major in? Here are some helpful suggestions to get you on your way:

  1. Drink coffee: Ask a professor to coffee! This is your chance to ask questions and discover why they chose the field. A faculty member can provide information about requirements, trends, and career possibilities within their department.
  2. Trial and error: Take an entry-level class in the major you are considering. If you decide that the major is not for you, the units can still count toward graduation.
  3. Spread the word: Talk with fellow students who have chosen the major(s) you are considering.
  4. Get involved: Volunteer, get a part-time job, get an internship, or take a service-learning course to get hands-on experience.
Undeclared Majors: 5 Tips for Choosing Your Path If You’re Undecided

When the time comes to register for next semester’s courses, working with your academic advisor can help you narrow down the seemingly endless list of options. But how do you decide which courses to take if you’re one of many students with undeclared majors?

Although it’s helpful to know your major from the start, it’s okay to be unsure—especially as a freshman. Instead of feeling anxious and rushing to make a choice, you can use this time to explore what interests you and find your calling.

Here are five tips for picking classes until you decide on a major.

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