Photo of Kenneth L. Waters Sr., Ph.D.

Kenneth L. Waters Sr., Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Division of Religion and Philosophy
Professor, Department of Biblical Studies
Phone: (626) 815-6000, Ext. 5632
Fax: (626) 815-5469
Kenneth L. Waters Sr., Ph.D., is a licensed and ordained minister in the Missionary Baptist Church, and he also served as a pastor in the Methodist Church for 28 years. His expertise is in the New Testament and early Christian literature, the book of Revelation and other apocalyptic literature, Second Temple Judaism and the Greco-Roman world, biblical and Christian ethics, the personalities of Jesus and Paul, and African American religious thought and history.


Ph.D., Theology, Fuller Theological


  • School of Theology
    • Department of Biblical Studies


  • Early Christian Literarture
  • Gospel Studies
  • New Testament Studies
  • Pauline Epistles
  • Personalities and Backgrounds of Jesus and Paul
  • The Book of Revelation and Other Apocalyptic Literature

Courses Taught

BMGT 306 – The Bible and Business Ethics
BMGT 411 – A Christian Worldview and the Professions
GBBL 511 – Seminar in Biblical Interpretation
GBBL 512 – The Gospels’ Witness to Christ
GBBL 531 – Kingdom of God
GBBL 532 – Paul the Apostle and Theologian
GBBL 622 – The Church of the First Century
GDMN 730 – Church Renewal
GDMN 782 – Scripture: Its Spirituality and Proclamation
UBBL 230 – Luke/Acts
UBBL 330 – Life and Teachings of Jesus
UBBL 341 – Thessalonian and Corinthian Epistles
UBBL 350 – Geographical and Historical Setting of the Bible
UBBL 430 – Johannine Literature
UBBL 442 – Prison and Pastoral Epistles
UBBL 461 – Theology of the New Testament
UBBL 496 – Senior Seminar: Biblical Theology and Ethics

Office Hours


Office Location

John and Marilyn Duke Academic Complex, Room 258, West Campus

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