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Leslie Wickman, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Research in Science

Wickman's experience includes promoting and supporting faculty and student research, science education, and integrations of scientific research into the educational process. Investigation of satellite launch and orbital operations. Comparing robotic, biological, and biotechnology capabilities for military operations. She is a trained EVA/IVA test astronaut, pilot, and athlete. Her expertise also includes life and space siences, and the dialog between science and theology. Additional memberships, activities, and awards include: Lockheed Corporate Astronaut; NASA/Lockheed commendations: Hubble Space Telescope Program; Aerospace Medical Association; American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics.


B.A. - Willamette University, Oregon
M.S. - Stanford University
Ph.D. - Stanford University


  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • Foreign Defense Technology
  • History of Spaceflight
  • Living and Working in Space
  • Science and Theology
  • Space and Life Science
  • Spacesuit Technologies

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