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B.J. Oropeza, Ph.D.

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Oropeza, B.J. (2009) Defeating an Ancient Athletic Runner: The Prophetic Influence of Habakkuk 2:2-4 on Paul's Apostolic Commission. Paper presented at the Society of Biblical Literature International Conference in Rome, Italy. July 4.

Oropeza, B.J. (July, 2007) What Ever Happened to Judas? Apostasy and the End of Judas in the Synoptic Gospels. Paper presented at the Synoptic Gospels Seminar, Society of Biblical Literature International Conference. Vienna, Austria.

Oropeza, B.J (Feb. 2007) Spirituality and Popular Culture: Neo as Messianic Hero of the Matrix. Fe Science and Religion seminar. Azusa Pacific University.

Oropeza, B.J., and Thompson, Craig (March 2006) Comic Books and Spirituality. Hammer Museum (LAMCA): Masters of American Comics Exhibition, Los Angeles.

Oropeza, B.J. and Dixon, Buzz, et. al. (Feb. 2006) Spiritual Values in Comic Books.” New York-Comic Convention, New York.

Oropeza, B.J. (June/June 2005) Who Has Resisted His Will? Paul's Evasive Reply on Free-Will and Divine Sovereignty (Romans 9-11). Paper presented at the ANZATS conference; Perth, Australia; July, 2005; and also at the SBL International Conference, Singapore, June, 2005.

Oropeza, B.J; Burner, Brett; Partible, Leo; Schwartzrock, Sherwin; Avery, Ben and Dixon, Buzz (July, 2005) Spiritual Themes in Comics. San Diego Comic-Con International.

Oropeza, B.J. (June, 2005) Yearnings for Paradise: The Plight of the Silver Surfer. Holy Men in Tights Conference; University of Melbourne, Australia

Oropeza, B. J. (2004, April 10). Spiderman, the Silver Surfer, and Jesus: The Interaction Between Superheroes and Religious Figures. Paper presented at the annual Popular Culture Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Oropeza, B. J. (1999, November). Paul and the Rhetoric of Utopian Apocalypticism. Paper presented at the annual Society of Biblical Literature Conference; Rhetoric and New Testament section, Boston, Massachusetts.

Oropeza, B.J. (2009) Jesus and Paul: Global Perspectives in Honor of James D. G. Dunn, a Festschrift for His 70th Birthday (with C. K. Robertson and Douglas C. Mohrmann). N. T. Wright and Richard B. Hays, Forewords. Library of New Testament Studies 414. London: T. & T. Clark.

Oropeza, B.J. (2010) forthcoming. In the Footsteps of Judas and Other Defectors: Apostasy in the New Testament Communities. Peabody: Hendrickson.

Oropeza, B.J. (2009) Galatians. (A commentary on Galatians) in The Wesley Study Bible. Nashville: Abingdon Press

Oropeza, B.J. (forthcoming) The Book of Tobit. A New Translation from the Septuagint. Fairhaven: Logos Software Interlinear Resource.

Oropeza, B.J (2007) Paul and Apostasy: Eschatology, Perseverance, and Falling Away in the Corinthian Congregation. Eugene: Wipf & Stock

Oropeza, B.J. (2007) Paul and Theodicy: Intertextual Gleanings on God's Justice and Faithfulness to Israel in Romans 9-11 New Testament Studies 53: 57-80.

Oropeza, B.J. (2006) What is Sex? Christians and Erotic Boundaries. Pages 27–63 in Religion and Sexuality: Conflicts and Controversies. C. K. Robertson., ed. New York: Peter Lang.

Oropeza, B.J. (Winter 2005) Christianity Goes Hollywood/ The Da Vinci Code and Its Success in Popular Culture” (with Cynndie Hoff and Diane Glyer). APU Life 18.4, 10–13.

Oropeza, B. J. (2005). Gospel According to Superheroes: Religion and Popular Culture. Peter Lang.

Oropeza, B.J., Shrier, P (2005) Practical Theology: A Bridge across the Divide? in Christian College, Christian Calling. Steve Wilkens, Paul Shrier, and Ralph Martin, eds. Walnut Creek, CA. Altamira.

Oropeza, B. J. (2004). Wine and the Lord's Supper in the Gospels, Paul, and Today. In Robertson, C. K. (Ed.), Religion and Alcohol: Sobering Thoughts. New York: Peter Lang.

Oropeza, B.J. (2002) Echoes of Isaiah in the Rhetoric of Paul: New Exodus, Wisdom, and the Humility of the Cross in Utopian-Apocalyptic Expectations in The Intertexture of Apocalyptic Discourse. Vernon Robbins and Duane Watson, eds. Society of Biblical Literature Symposium Series. Atlanta: Scholars Press/Leiden: E. J. Brill. 87-113.

Oropeza, B.J. (2002) The Toronto Blessing and the Future of Revivalism in Religion as Entertainment C. K. Robertson, ed. New York: Peter Lang, 137-150.

Oropeza, B. J. (2000). Paul and Apostasy: Eschatology, Perseverance, and Falling Away in the Corinthian Congregation. Tubingen: Mohr-Siebeck.

Oropeza, B. J. (2000). Paul and Apostasy: Eschatology, Perseverance and Falling Away in the Corinthian Congregation. Warsaw, Indiana: J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck). Reprinted in Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament; 2. Reihe. 115. Herausgegeben von Martin Hengel und Otfried Hofius. Tubingen, Germany: J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck).

Oropeza, B. J. (1998). Apostasy in the Wilderness: The Eschatological Warning of Paul to the Corinthian Congregation. Doctoral dissertation thesis. Durham, England: University of Durham.

Oropeza, B. J. (1998). Laying to Rest the Midrash: Paul's Message on Meat Sacrificed to Idols in Light of the Deuteronomic Tradition. Biblica, 79, p. 57-68.

Oropeza, B. J. (1997). Ninety-Nine Answers to Questions about Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare. Eastbourne, United Kingdom: Kingsway Publications/Downers Grove, Illinois: Intervarsity Press. (Translated also in Brazil, Indonesia, and Viet Nam).

Oropeza, B. J. (1995). A Time to Laugh: The Holy Laughter Phenomenon Examined. Peabody, Massachusetts: Hendrickson.

Oropeza, B. J. (1994). Ninety-Nine Reasons Why No One Knows When Christ Will Return. Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press.

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