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Professional/Scholarly Presentations of
Richard Robison, Ph.D.

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Robison, R. Nurturing Autonomous Pronunciation Practice with Reflective Journals, paper presented at the 34th Annual CATESOL Conference, Pasadena, 2003.

Robison, R. Putting Audio Pronunciation Journals to Work, paper presented at the 37th Annual TESOL Convention, Baltimore, 2003.

Robison, R. Speech/Pronunciation Journals for Graduate ESL Students, paper presented at the 36th Annual TESOL Convention, Salt Lake City, 2002.

Robison, R. Forming a Christian response to Pennycook and Edge, panel participant at the Christians in English Language Teaching Conference, Long Beach, 2004.

Robison, R. Nonnative English Speakers Teaching Pronunciation, panel presentation at the 38th Annual TESOL Convention, Long Beach, 2004.

Robison, R. Professional Integrity and the Christian ELT Leader, colloquium presentation at the 40th Annual TESOL Convention, Tampa, 2006.

Robison, R. Respecting Religious Differences in ESL Classrooms, colloquium presentation at the 39th Annual TESOL Convention, San Antonio, 2005.

Robison, R. Spiritual Dimensions and Dilemmas of English Language Teaching, panel presentation at the 41st Annual TESOL Convention, Seattle, 2007.

Robison, R. Truthfulness in English Teaching: Reflections of a Teacher Trainer at a Christian University, paper presented at the Christians in English Language Teaching Conference, San Francisco, 2006.

Robison, R. "Truthfulness in English Teaching: Reflections of a Teacher Trainer at a Christian University." CETC Newsletter, Vol. 10, 3, (2006).

Robison, R. (1990). The primacy of aspect: Aspectual marking in English interlanguage. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 12, 315-330.

Robison, R. (1995). The aspect hypothesis revisited: A cross-sectional study of tense and aspect marking in interlanguage. Applied Linguistics, 16, 344-370.

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